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Vnus Closure Post Op Instructions

  • Keep stocking on until the post-op scan is performed. (Within 96 hrs.) MD will schedule your appointment.
  • Ambulate 10 min /hr for the first day, not to include any strenuous activity. (eg. stairs, lifting, exercising.)
  • Second day to resume normal activity, continue to wear socking on treated leg.
  • Minor oozing at site is normal. Report any persistent bleeding and / or pain to your MD immediately daytime at 501-327-4828 or after hours 501-329-1199 or 1-800-811-9926.
  • Wear compression hose on treated leg for 1 week. Removal of hose is acceptable for showering / bathing. Hose can also be removed at night.
  • Compression hose therapy, although uncomfortable, is an extremely important component in closing the treated vein permanently.
  • Your MD may prescribe pain medication, although Motrin is usually all that's needed.

***Note - wearing compression hose may be long term, MD discretion.