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Endovenous Laser Ablation

A minimally invasive procedure, the laser ablation procedure is performed on patients who have diseased veins with reflux. The veins in your legs have one-way valves that prohibit the blood from flowing backwards since the blood has to travel against gravity. Over time, these valves can fail causing blood to pool resulting in the bulging and twisting characteristics of varicose veins.

Laser ablation fixes this problem by closing the incompetent vein. Your body automatically routes the blood to other healthy veins. No stitches are even used. There is virtually no recovery either. You walk into the office and walk out in just a couple of hours.

Stab Phlebectomy

In certain cases, there are veins that need to be removed that can cause reccurrence of varicose veins even after laser ablation. This is done with a technique called stab or micro phlebectomy. Tiny incisions are made in the affected area and the veins are physically removed. There is minimum to no scaring and almost no pain involved. The procedure is done as an outpatient surgery.