Surgical Associates of Conway
General and Vascular Surgery
525 Western Avenue, Suite 203 Conway, AR 72034

What to expect:

First visit:

Dr. King conducts his varicose vein clinic on Friday mornings in our office at Conway Regional Medical Center. After an initial consultation visit, you will receive an ultrasound on your legs to evaluate the level of reflux you may have. Dr. King will then review and discuss the ultrasound findings and determine your treatment plan.

Day of procedure (Laser Ablation):

Bring your stocking with you to the clinic. Do not eat or drink anything two hours prior to your procedure. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You will come back to our in-office procedure room and our ultrasound technician will mark your vein that is to be treated. Dr. King will begin the procedure. The entire process usually takes less than one hour. You will walk in and walk out. We do require that you have someone with you to drive you home the day of the procedure.