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Vasectomy Reversals

Dr. Michael Stanton has performed over 1,000 vasectomy reversals over the past 14 years. On average, Dr. Stanton performs 3 reversals each week in his office. His overall patency/success rate for vasectomy reversals is 87%. Dr. Stanton welcomes patients of all ages, regardless of the amount of time that has elapsed between their vasectomy and the reversal. Though no guarantees can be made, he has had successful results on patients as old as 73 and on those who have gone more than 30 years between surgeries. In addition, Dr. Stanton has also performed many successful re-reversals on patients who have had unsuccessful results in the past.

Offering his services at a reduced cost, Dr. Stanton considers this area of his practice a ministry. Dr. Stanton is a dedicated Christian and he has a heart to see this part of his medical practice benefit those who desire to place this area of their lives back in God’s hands. He understands and appreciates the joys of creating new life. He and his wife have 8 sons whose ages span 21 years.