Surgical Associates of Conway
General and Vascular Surgery
525 Western Avenue, Suite 203 Conway, AR 72034

Post-Op Instructions

After surgery, we require you to remain in the local area overnight. Hotel information is available should you choose to schedule your surgery with us. Although it is certainly not necessary, if you travel by car, we recommend that you have someone else drive you home, as this will allow you to recline and minimize additional swelling. If you fly, the nearest airport is in Little Rock, which is approximately 40 minutes from Conway.

After surgery, bed-rest is required for the remainder of the day with the exception of eating and going to the bathroom. Two days following the procedure, most activities can be tolerated. However, it is strongly recommended that the patient allows 7-10 days before returning to moderate to strenuous activities. For example, running, swimming, lifting weights, biking, ect., should be avoided for at least 7-10 days.

Caring for your wound: Keep a dry dressing on both incisions, preferably without tape. Ice should be applied directly to the dry dressings for 6-8 hours immediately following the surgery. Apply the antibiotic ointment (provided) 2-3 times daily, starting the day after surgery. Showering is permissible the day after surgery providing that the wounds are not immersed in water. Baths are not permitted until one week after surgery.

What to wear: After surgery, it is strongly recommended that you wear underwear that provides support (i.e. brief underwear) as this will help minimize pain and swelling, and will help to insure dressings stay in place.

Sexual relations post-op: No sexual relations for at least three weeks. It is highly recommended that you wait 1 month, especially if there is any lingering swelling or irritation at the incision sites.

Sperm count: You need to wait 3 months before obtaining a sperm count (if one is desired). Though we do not require you to have a sperm count taken, if you do choose to have it done, we ask that you would send us the results.

Post-op bleeding, swelling and spotting: This is likely to occur for several days following the operation; but unless it is significant (such as causing more discomfort after the first day or soaking through all the gauze dressing), it is usually transient, and will subside in a few days.

If there are any other questions regarding your recovery, please contact your family physician or us. After office hours, you may call Conway Regional Hospital at 501-329-1199 or at 1-800-811-9926 and ask the operator to page Dr. Stanton.